T&M Service® provides system refurbishment services specializing in Applied Materials P5000 and Centura systems.  With over 20 years refurbishing semiconductor equipment, our experience and expertise can help minimize cost and maximize value for all types of capital equipment. 

T&M Service® can also reconfigure your existing equipment.  Once a system has reached an end of life on a configured process, situations arise that require reconfiguration to continue the use of a system for another process. In these situations, we work with the customer to reconfigure their system to the needs that the new process demands.  The reconfiguration can be done and tested in a similar manner as a full refurbishment in our facility.  T&M Service® understands the expense to remove and re-install equipment. In situations where the system is already installed or is cost prohibitive to remove and ship to our facility, T&M Service® will work with the customer to perform the reconfiguration on-site and insure that the system is functioning correctly and safely.  We will also work along with the customer's process engineering team to assist with the new process.

Refurbishment Overview

A top quality system refurbishment begins with finding the equipment that best suits your manufacturing or research requirements.  Using extensive industry resources T&M Service® will help you locate and select the appropriate new or previously owned system and guide you through all aspects of equipment life cycle including installation, process tuning, maintaining, refurbishment and decommissioning & removal if necessary.

During the equipment refurbishment process T&M Service® completely disassembles and inspects all critical system components.  Reusable process contaminated parts are UHP cleaned and inspected; non-reusable contaminated items are decontaminated and properly disposed of.  Following the UHP cleaning process, parts are re-inspected for usability and are reworked as necessary.  Systems are rebuilt using as many of the original items as possible and making replacements with new and/or refurbished components as necessary; all filters, gaskets, seals, o-rings and process critical parts are always NEW. All electrical, pneumatic, water delivery systems and vacuum systems are then checked and reworked as required.

Internal gas delivery systems are rebuilt and re-configured by our in-house UHP orbital welding staff using new or reconditioned flow controllers and NEW filters, assuring you of the highest quality at a reasonable price.

Systems are connected to temporary facility hook-ups and tested in-house to required specifications. In-house customer inspection is offered and encouraged prior to shipment.

T&M Service® can also provide on-site equipment connection and system start-up to verify complete functionality and integrity.  Advanced Process or training can be provided on a case-by-case basis.  




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